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get back up

My 19-month old had her first pony ride today.  She got scared as soon as it started moving and had to get off, but after a little contemplation got back on.  I couldn’t have been more proud of her… I know it’s a cliché, but I definitely plan to think of this moment the next time fear strikes.

There’s a reason clichés are around, you know…

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our girls need this!

A friend is launching a new company.  And it is badass.

Her product is an engineering toy FOR GIRLS.  What legos and erector sets have historically been for boys, GoldieBlox will be for girls!

The founder, Debbie Sterling, is the real deal.  A Stanford engineer, she has a passion that is unmatched and infectious.

Please support this project!  There are a few easy ways you can help:

  • Visit her Kickstarter page right now and make a contribution. Read it.  Watch the video.  Contribute if you are so moved; every dollar helps!
  • Promote GoldieBlox to your friends, family and colleagues. Tell everyone!
  • Become a “Goldie Ambassador” to continuously spread the campaign with updates
  • “Like” GoldieBlox on Facebook, “Follow” on Twitter, and “Join” the email list. The more fans and supporters backing this cause, the better.


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cake worthy

My daughter had her party to celebrate turning 6 at our local humane society.  Though I wouldn’t blame anyone for asking whether I strong-armed her into it, I swear it was all her idea.

Now our local shelter isn’t just any shelter.  It’s new location opened last year and it’s BEAUTIFUL.  When Sophie learned that they hold parties there, she couldn’t believe it – what animal lover wouldn’t want that?  At her age (okay, even at MY age), it sounds awesome.

And it was.

But for me, the best part was that she was thrilled to be there, thrilled to show her friends this wonderful place.  My heart sang.  And the beaming look on her face suggests that hers did, too.

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There is nothing better than having dear friends you share history with.

My friend Kik and I met in the 3rd grade, where we were both “the new kid” at our school.  We became fast friends, as did our moms.  Interestingly, we look more like each other’s moms than our own.

Despite not living in the same timezone since the mid 80’s, we have maintained a close friendship, and so have our parents.  Kik and I are always trying to impress upon our kids not to underestimate their childhood friendships.  We never underestimated ours.  We treated it like the gift it was – one to be nurtured and enjoyed – and we have always reaped the rewards.

Now we have the joy of watching our kids (all animal lovers, not surprisingly) play together.  Nothing is more delicious…


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I’m going to assume it’s coincidence.

Last night after dinner a quail flew full speed into our dining room window.  BAM!  Scared the bejesus out of me.  And apparently the bird, too.  It was stunned, blinking.  It rolled over and Sophie asked if we needed to take it to animal rescue.  (Yes, she is my child.)  Eventually after it gathered its wits (and shook off its undoubted concussion), it flew off.

The mouse I found this morning was not so lucky.

It was lying in the middle of our hallway.  Dead.  I have a few questions:

#1, and most importantly – How the hell did it get IN?  
No, entry points have not been found.  No, our cat does not go outside.  No, droppings have not been found in the house.

#2 – Who killed it? 
Oliver was sleeping not 10 feet away from it, looking very disinterested .  I just don’t see Martha doing it in a stealthy way.  Let’s face it, she’s not exactly… delicate.  And Ace, well…  He is already well established as a mousekiller.  Still, I think he would have been proudly showing off his kill.

#3 How am I going to sleep tonight??

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