tribe, minus one

April 11 2010-31We lost a member of our tribe a few days ago.  Our dear, sweet tripod cat, Oliver passed away.  Reasons are many, sadness is huge.

My 2-year-old is still looking for him, and my 6-year-old is ready to head to the shelter to adopt another 4- (or 3-) legged furry to round out our mix.  But I think she needs to grieve some first.  Since he left us we’ve had a parade, family visits and school keeping us distracted and busy.  Some quiet moments where his absence looms will serve us well.

Ollie will be remembered, loved and highly regarded, his pawprints hard to fill…

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2 Responses to tribe, minus one

  1. Erica says:

    Sweet Ollie… Sadly, I never got to meet him. I’m with you, Christi– I really think it’s important to take some time to grieve, but some people seem to need less time than others. I say we continue to honor him every December with the Ollie Jollie Christmas Song. I know when you are ready, you guys will find another awesome feline. Xoxo…

    • Agreed! A fitting annual tribute, indeed!
      Sophie had her first good cry about Ollie on Saturday when we went to pick up his ashes. Quinn just tried to figure out how he could fit inside such a small box… Hmmm.

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