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A few words about me.

I’m Christi Dunlap. You can call me Christi or Seed. Or Mom.  Or Meow.  Or Woof.  I respond them all.  Just don’t call me Chrissy.  It’s not my name.

Sophie Jane and Quinn are my children, but I have three others, too. One cat, two dogs, in no particular order: Oliver, Ace and Martha.

So, as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time filling lunchboxes and cleaning litterboxes. Bestowing band-aids and scooping poop, with an occasional fairy costume thrown in. Never a dull moment.  (And rarely a quiet one.)

I’m also the wife to Scott, my amazing husband, who tolerates and is amused by it all. Where he came from must be made of unicorns, rainbows and no waiting at baggage claim. He’s that good.

And I write.
About important things like being kind to animals and finding humor and beauty in the daily chaos of parenthood. Because family and furry friends are what truly make my house a home. And life, I think, without fetch playing and the occasional furball just wouldn’t be as fun and love-filled.

So, welcome. Welcome to my furry and unquestionably funny home.  Take off your shoes, don’t mind the wet noses and rogue toy underfoot. I hope you’ll stay awhile.

With love,
p.s. Click here to read more about Lucky Me, my children’s book about caring for your pets.


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  1. ekdrue says:

    GREAT photo! :-)))

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