Some mice found their way back into our attic.  We can occasionally hear them when we are out in the garage.  Sadly, no cat we’ve had to date has had any competency in the hunting department.

However, Oliver did get into the garage the other night, bringing back in with him a live mouse.

Which Ace promptly tackled, killed and carried around in his mouth proudly, tail wagging.  (Creepy.)

Who knew that a pug could be a killing machine?  Scott thinks he must be part rat terrier, at least in spirit.

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2 Responses to mousekiller

  1. ScottD says:

    I hate those little buggers…so proud of Ace of nailing the culprit with one eye tied behind his back (so to speak)! Biskees for everyone!!!

  2. We don’t have mice but we have possums, only problem is they climb up the trees where we can’t get them, it drives us Crazy !!!

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