news flash

We went to Lindsey‘s house yesterday for some R&R (read: make our kids play together so we can ignore them and put our feet up).

At one point, one of our collective children came in to complain about some nonsense involving unfair rules and Linds looked at him straight-faced and said “fine, you can sit in here with the grownups.  We are discussing the news.”

I nearly passed out.  I laughed so hard my head hit the table, my shoulders shook and I could not draw a breath.  Tears streamed, I tell you.  TEARS.

When said child, faced with the choice between “unfair” playmates and grownups discussing the Most Boring Thing On Earth (the news), he scampered back to the game.

titaOh Girl, you are a GENIUS.  I will most definitely be using this at every possible opportunity with my kids.  And anyone else’s kids for that matter.

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One Response to news flash

  1. Betty says:

    Genius. I will need to subject my kids to what “news” is first, so they know what they could be getting into.

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