Today while carrying my one-year-old (after dropping off my dogs in a scramble of leashes, panting and a baby squealing with delight), I was approached my an elderly man on the street.  Seeing my happy and animated baby, he said:

“It’s great to see you taking care of that baby.”

Hmmm.  Odd.

Then followed it up with “most mothers don’t seem to care any more.”

Not cool.

If I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would have recited him a soliloquy about how having help with child care doesn’t make you love your child any less. Or that many mothers need to work to support their families.  Or want to work, for that matter.

This guy had a lot of nerve making assumptions about me, my kid or mothers in general.

What he also didn’t know was that we were on our way to Quinn’s day care.

Something for which I carry no guilt or regret.

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