So my fear of letting Sophie start horse lessons materialized yesterday.

She fell from a horse.

Maybe I jinxed her by putting my fears out “there.”  In writing.

Good news items: she was wearing a helmet, and she basically bellyflopped.  Still…

She was shaken, crying.  She clung to me like she hasn’t in a looooong time.  I was scared.  We went back into the barn so she could make peace with the horse (no bogeyman needed, thankyouverymuch).  I then carried her to the car, called the doctor’s office and started driving there.

On the way there, Sophie’s normal sassy self emerged.  I paused.  We went for ice cream.

While sufficiently distracted by the ice cream, I made her jump on one foot, recite all kinds of facts (our phone number, Quinn’s nickname, her school’s name, which horse she’d been on) and perform all manner of manual dexterity exercises.  She passed every test I could conjure.  She also claimed to not have any pain (a far cry from when we left the barn).  Frankly she could have been bullshitting me to get out of a doctor’s appointment, but I really challenged her.

So I did what any paranoid mother seeking validation would do: I texted a friend whose kid also takes lessons.  I presented the facts, and she agreed: the appointment could be cancelled.

I have been watching Sophie like a hawk the last 24 hours.  And she’s FINE.  No bruises.  No fear of going back.  Just a few small scratches.  New found passion still in tact.

By contrast, I will need to call my chiropractor in the morning to fix my back which got jacked up carrying Sophie to the car…

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4 Responses to jinxed?

  1. Erica says:

    Good job keeping calm and carrying on, Mama! Falling off a horse is a rite of passage in the equestrian community– she’s got mad street cred now! 🙂

  2. dianedunlap says:

    Ahh, the “this makes for grey hair” part of parenthood. Sounds like you handled it with the finest mix of love and concern. Don’t forget that chiropractor’s appt!

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