horse girl

So, it has begun.

Much like her mother, Sophie loves animals, always has.  She has a particular affinity for horses.  When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she says “farmer” (equating it with riding horses all day).

So, she has been pumping me for lessons for ages.  I always had convenient (sort of) excuses.  But after going to Alisal Ranch, and attending her friend Anna’s birthday party, the bug has really taken hold.  And winter break provided the time, so…  the seal is now broken.

I can’t help but wonder if this is how my mother-in-law felt when her young son wanted to start BMX bike racing.  We want to support their passions, despite our fear of injuries.  All you can do is invest in a good helmet, ask them to use caution and judgment, and then cross your fingers (and maybe close your eyes).  Oh yeah, and open your wallet…

The good news is that a good portion of Sophie’s lessons involve a lot of prep, grooming and animal care, which she loves.  For her I think a good part of the experience is just being with the animals.

Something I am in no position to argue with…

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4 Responses to horse girl

  1. joani Bell says:

    Love what you said….”support their passions….close your eyes….”. With my 16, 14 and 9 year olds…..”letting go” is difficult yet necessary, isn’t it? Isn’t each step, a step away? Yet, this is what we are parents/mothers prepare them for….life in the real world….caring for animals, the work involved, giving them wings in their endeavors. Love your heart Cousin! Wish we lived near each other!

  2. dianedunlap says:

    Exactly how I felt! My heart still skips a little beat when I see a pic like his recent Half Moon win where both of his feet are a foot off the ground, but there is a wide grin on his face. As parents, we can’t let fears, even ( or especially those) well-founded, hold back the joys of exploring something that lifts one’s heart — even when it lifts precious bodies into the air, over jumps, down sttep hills. True for us, even truer for our children. What better thing can we do than to encourage following one’s heart’s desire, while providing parachutes and helmets where possible and, of course, that open pocketbook which isn’t all that easy to hold open with fingers crossed and eyes closed, a prayer on our lips. 😉 So glad Sophie (and Scott and Quinn) have you!

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