{girl} in black

Sophie’s latest musical obsession is Johnny Cash.  I am not complaining, mind you.  I’m a fan myself and I’ll take the Man in Black any day of the week over any “kid music.”  In fact, kid music doesn’t fly with me in my car or in most of the house.  It’s relegated to her bedroom.

What’s funny is how she refers to each song.  Some of her favorites are:

“Prettiest Girl I’ve Ever Seen ” – Ballad of a Teenage Queen
“When You Get the Blues” – Get Rhythm
“Circle Won’t Be Broken” – Daddy Sang Bass
“The Jail Song” – Folsom Prison Blues
“Bah Doo Bah Doo” – Guess Things Happen That Way

Etc., etc.

She’s getting to know the lyrics of a lot of them now.  There’s something odd about hearing your 5-year-old sing about breaking hearts & telling lies (There You Go) or professing love (Ring of Fire), but I’ll happily be her groupie.

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