give it up

I am proud to report that I was successfully able to get Sophie to part with all but 10 pieces of her Halloween candy.  (Something I NEVER would have agreed to as a kid.  Or maybe even now.)

When my friend Steph told me she planned to do this with her kid I loved at her with admiration.  Genius idea.  But would my kid go for it?  The key, Steph informed me, was to trade it for a toy.

But it would have to be a GOOD toy.  Not a coloring book or a drug-store figurine.  But also something I could live with.  I broached the subject slowly before Halloween, playing up the notion of not having to wait to Christmas for a fantasy toy.

She thought about it (sometimes yes, sometimes no).  Her first suggestions were vetoed.  American Girl doll?  (no, too much)  A barbie?  (double no)  We compromised on a fabulous, realistic looking, stuffed dog we’d seen several weeks before.  The dicey part of that deal is I could not remember how much it cost when I agreed.  $15?  $100?  I had no idea.  And there was no renegotiating.

So I went back to the store.  The dog was GONE.  Sigh…  So I found a polar bear that was the same size, and, almost more importantly, the same soft/snuggle factor.  I didn’t even look at the price tag, but the retail gods were smiling on me when it was at the lower end of the range (bullet dodged!).

Sophie fell in love with the bear immediately.  And named her Rosebud Buttercup (…okaaaay…).  Tomorrow we will be donating her candy to a cause that saves it for an Easter event in the spring.  I need the candy out of the house before I finish it!!

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One Response to give it up

  1. Sally Long says:

    Ah, yes….we call this “Switch Witch” i.e. switching candy for a toy.

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