soccer mom

The idea that I would be a soccer mom is hilarious to me.  And yet this photo is living proof.  Wow.

The truth is, kindergarten is kicking my ass.  Our little public school is amazing, and we feel REALLY fortunate to be zoned for it.  It does, however, have challenges for those of us who didn’t understand the realities of this school schedule.

The school day amounts to roughly half-days, and there is no after-school program.  Be there at 2:30 or be square.  Any activities (soccer, swimming, hip hop – you heard me.  Hip hop.) require that I schlep her.  This isn’t so much a complaint as it is a surprise.  I’m not sure why, but it is.

So, strapped for time that does not involve being inside of my car, I find myself very picky about clients I’ll take on for work, things I’ll volunteer for and projects I’ll take on.  So if you don’t hear from me regularly (personally or via this blog), please don’t think I’m withholding the love.  I’m just driving my kid to soccer practice.

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