Do I have your attention?

I am patting myself on the back because, after months of being on my list, I got my mammogram this week.  I didn’t just do it because I “should”, or because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or because I was particularly worried about it.  I did it because I was inspired.

My friend Stephanie was recently diagnosed with breast cancer – from a routine mammogram.  Whoa. Steph is courageously grabbing the bull by the horns and diving into her treatment with a great attitude.  Her poise and outlook are inspiring.  She is writing a blog about it and it is no surprise that her community is rallying around her.

I am planning to go to her chemo appointment next week to hang out, read trashy magazines and enjoy her good company.  To go without having had my own screen didn’t feel right.

I am horrible about doing the monthly self-exams (and by horrible, I mean I don’t do them.  Pretty much ever.).  If I’m ever going to have a hope of early detection, a mammogram is probably it.

If you are over 35 (and definitely if you are over 40), please go get one.  Don’t be motivated by fear.  Be motivated by those you love – show them you want to be here.  Having your boobs squished for a few seconds is a very small price to pay.

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  1. Erica says:

    I can’t stop thinking about this. And that’s good.

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