the happiest place on earth

So last weekend we finally made good on our promise to Sophie that we’d go to Disneyland.

I admit I was apprehensive.  I felt like I might need to self-medicate.  I was nervous.

I further admit that it FAR exceeded my expectations.  The place is gorgeous.  No peeling paint.  No gum on the sidewalks.  Nearly everything I remembered from my childhood was there.  And experiencing that through the eyes of your own child is priceless.

Sophie was in awe.  There was no talk of princesses (!!) and she didn’t ask us to buy her anything.  Amazing.  She sang her heart out on It’s a Small World, waving to all the mechanical children.  She patiently (mostly) waited in line for rides.  The only time it got touchy is when it started getting hot and she wanted to go back to the hotel.  To swim in the pool.  (Are you kidding me?)  But she more than made up for it by rallying for fireworks that were way past her bedtime.

Interestingly, she was afraid of anything in the dark.  Any ride that went inside, even Winnie-the-Pooh, was scary to her.  Contrast that to fearlessness on any roller coaster served up.  Go figure…

The bottom line is: I drank the kool-aid.  It is indeed the Happiest Place on Earth.

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