back to school blues

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly back-to-school time.

The weather here hasn’t exactly been scorching (or even really very warm) so I think I am psychologically still waiting for summer to start.  Regardless, having just enrolled my oldest in kindergarten, the first day is a looming reality etched into my calendar.

I’m a little melancholy.  The start of the school year, for many years now, has marked the start of a new season of volunteer work that Rocky and I would undertake in our county’s schools, educating kids about companion animals.  It makes me miss him terribly.  I suppose I should do some work with Ace to see if I can get him classroom-ready.  Who knows.  The temperament is there, the discipline is not.  Time for mama to bring down the hammer.

As you may know, I wrote a book, with the blessing and support of my local humane society, based on the volunteer work I do.  I wrote it because kids (and parents/teachers/etc) NEED this information.  It’s horrifying to me the number of kids that race up to my dogs and manhandle them without regard to what this animal could do to them (or what they are doing to the dog).  Granted, my dogs are super passive.  But still.

So, in Rocky’s memory, I am doing a limited time free giveaway of my book to any school or library that could benefit.  No strings attached.

If you love animals, you can help kids (and  adults) understand their needs, have compassion, and safeguard their well-being.

Leave a comment here or shoot me an email and I’ll send one out.

Don’t be shy now.  It’s for the kids (furry and unfurry).

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6 Responses to back to school blues

  1. Sally Long says:

    I would truly, truly like a copy of your book to place in our synagogue library (we’re in Lansing, MI and have a small Reconstructionist shul). I was a “tikkun olam” volunteer teacher in our shul (tikkun olam = repairing the world = ‘good deeds’) and will be a preschool volunteer teacher in the fall. One of the things the kids and I worked on – and I hope to impart to my preschoolers – was/is the Jewish concept not only of respect for humans but for animals. Yes, it’s in the Torah!

    So, not only would your book be GOOD for the kids (especially those who’ve accompanied their parents to our VERY VERY long Shabbat services and could use a break in our little library) but I think the kids would completely relate to the message.

    Let me know what info you need. Don’t want to take for granted your generosity but THANKS in advance. I hope to be able to read this to the kids…

    • Sally – it would be my pleasure! Let’s connect via email regarding the particulars, but the short answer is of course I will send you the book! Thanks much for the interest and support…

  2. Sally Long says:

    Completely unrelated question…but now that the ice has been broken by my begging for one of your books, I’m slightly emboldened: Could you tell me what camera you’re using for your wonderful photos? I’m finally going to move to a digital SLR and given I have kids/pets, I am specifically admiring your photos of each group. Thanks. Sally Long

  3. Hi… I use a Canon 7D camera, usually with a 50mm f/1.4 so I don’t need to use a flash, which kids and animals don’t like! The low f-stop lets in a lot of light so I can use it in many conditions with pretty good results. I also use a zoom lens sometimes (28-135mm f/3.5-5.6), and occasionally a macro lens or wide-angle. Hope that helps!

    • Sally Long says:

      Very much. Thanks for the information. And the mention of a Canon reaffirms my desire for that brand. I’ve used a Canon since, well, many pixels ago.

  4. Erica says:

    RIP, Chopster! He was the best.

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