milestones (in crappy plastic mirror) may be closer than they appear

Quinn rolled over for the first time this week.  I was not ready.  Emotionally, I mean.

I scrambled through Sophie’s first 6 months, holding on for dear life by my fingernails.  Wondering how I was screwing up, not having the experience to know for sure.  (I mean, the first diaper I ever changed was on her, in the hospital, nearly 5 years ago.  And I was TERRIFIED.)  I have been determined to be present this time, and not ruled by the fear that an infant can bring onto your child-free mojo.

Cut to playing with Q on the floor the other day.  Teasing her with a toy that was just out of reach.  I thought we were still swaddled snugly in infantdom.  I was soaking in her every coo.  I felt like I actually had a clue how to do this.

And then she went and changed things up.

The girl has a smile that lights up the world she is in, just like her dad.  It’s hard to be upset when she is THRILLED about doing something new.  I just want it to slow down.  A little.

And simultaneously I want both of my kids in college.  Now.  Or at least when I’m still in my 40’s, which is not likely unless they are brainiac prodigies that I don’t know about.

Either way, it’s free to fantasize, right?  Or cheaper than college tuition.  Or Montessori, for that matter…

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One Response to milestones (in crappy plastic mirror) may be closer than they appear

  1. sparrowandtide says:

    Oh, GOD, that SMILE!

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