dreamhouse, custom made

Kik, my best friend from the 3rd grade, visited us recently.  There is nothing like relaxing into the company of those you love and with whom you share long history.  I don’t know that there is much that’s finer.

While she was here, she plopped down to play with Sophie and started doing something that we spent HOURS doing as kids.  Taking a blanket, we’d create little caves and nooks, decorating them with whatever we had and playing in them with dolls or little animals.  No Barbie Dreamhouse required.

Not sure how or why she remembered this.  Neither of us had thought about it in decades.

All I can say is that Sophie was THRILLED; it had plenty of space to accommodate both Reba and the new Barbie that Kik brought her.  (For the record, Kik did ask me first, and did buy the one that is a veterinarian, complete with xray machine and pregnant cat (I am not joking).

Sophie later went into mourning when, despite her offer to sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor, I told her we had to take it down so she could sleep in the bed.  My offers to rebuild the next day were met with “it’s not the same.”

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