Last week we had a mini heat wave (okay, a warm wave, but still it felt hot for this time of year).  I decided to leave the dogs in the garage for a few hours where it was a bit cooler when I went out.

Once again, Ace proved that he needs supervision.

He somehow managed to get down a large bag of dogfood, which was thankfully only about 1/4 full.  I blame Ace because in all they years we’ve had Martha, she has never attempted it (kitchen baked goods notwithstanding).

He and Martha polished off the bag before I got home.

I could tell they both had well deserved bellyaches all evening (and a good chunk of the next day) given their gaseous emissions.

The biggest bummer was that we had a 5 hour drive out of town the next day.  Never has our car ever felt so small and claustrophobic.


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One Response to indigestion

  1. Lisa Clark says:

    I have to say my dog is NOT a hoover. She snubs crumbs, will toss grapes playfully into the air for hours before leaving them to rot wherever they rolled, walks past my dinner perched on the edge of the coffee table with nary a glance. My friend’s daughter ate at my house and dropped mac n’ cheese off her plate onto the floor. Luna walked by with barely a sniff. So small a snack was not worth her effort. It was only after I scraped all the mac pieces into a pile that she lowered herself to eat them…and that was all…no licking the floor to get every last morsel, no begging for more…it was as if she did ME a favor…is she really a dog???

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