sweet lou

My brother’s family has a new addition – a rescue mutt named Louie.  He’s little, young and just about the sweetest thing. A perfect first dog for them.

They waiting a long time, but somehow knew this was the time, and this was the dog.  They are embracing that their floors will be scratched, their furniture will have dog hair on it, something inappropriate will inevitably be chewed… (Surrendering to that helps keep you from becoming deranged lunatic when your furry companion has an inevitable misstep or two.)

But they also know that their lives are changed in innumerable positive ways, too.

Plus, he is so damned cute.  And sweet.  Jackpot.

And I’d be happy to take him off their hands if it doesn’t work out.  Not that it won’t.  But just sayin’.  Brian, Jen, are you listening?

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One Response to sweet lou

  1. Jdrue says:

    So far so good….I think we will keep him. 🙂
    Can’t wait for him to meet Martha and Ace!
    Thanks for the sweet note about him. He is really fitting in with the family. The girls really love him (and of course we all do), but it is sweet to see them bond.

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