Does your dog have smelly halitosis like mine?

I’m not sure if it’s my (hopeful) imagination, but since giving my dogs BREATHIES, I could swear their breath is incrementally better.

No, DOGSWELL does not pay me.  But I like them.  They care about pet rescue.  A lot.  They put time and resources towards it, not just a link from their website.  This matters.

And they have agreed to give one lucky dog owner some free stuff.

So give me your best dog breath story by leaving a comment on this post.  Recipient of a month’s supply of BREATHIES picked at random!

Let’s hear ’em, people…

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4 Responses to freebie

  1. sparrowandtide says:

    The best one we’ve got is when (at the time) 2 year-old Stone was first coming to grips with our new dog Puck’s arrival. Puck was- and is- super friendly and VERY into cuddling. Puck was sitting on the edge of the couch behind Stoney, panting up a storm.
    Stone turns to me and says:
    “Mama! Tell Puck to move! He’s stealing my air!”

  2. Margie Mader-Clark says:

    Apologies for highlighting the grossness of the animal kingdom:

    We have a beloved dog, Hudson who has been with us for nearly 12 years. In January my son got a kitten for his birthday. A cool way for said kitten to show Hudson who is boss is to go poop in his (full) dog dish. That doesn’t seem to dissuade Hudson from continuing in his eating pattern. Bottom line – we need breathies STAT.

  3. Reest says:

    We have a Swiss Mountain Dog, Mercy. She is a foodie. She has eaten the following: an entire pizza including box, pan of brownies including tin foil, bowl of pistachios, box of crayons including sharpener which then melted into “art” in the Texas heat, a bar of Caress bath soap, a kid sock, at least 5 lunchboxes, a birthday cake, a tampon (used), a hamster (which I rescued via Heimlich), and several dryer sheets. Despite eating the dryer sheets, her breath REEKS. And the way she wakes us up is by panting over our sleeping faces, she’s that tall. Save us, we are dying over here in Austin TX.

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