arrival of the mighty quinn

a more serene QuinnQuinn Carlysle roared into our lives last Monday.  Literally.  She came out of the womb howling without help from anyone.  A force to be reckoned with and one we instantly fell in love with.

Don’t worry.  I’m not going to share the birth details.

But I will say this: never underestimate your support crew.  Mine was second to none and it made a world of difference.

Scott had the flu a few days beforehand and I was worried what the implications of that would be.  He even DNS‘d a race the day before – something that has only happened once before (a few weeks ago, when I tripped down the stairs.  Ahem.).  He knew he needed his A-game for me, saved his energy and completely rallied, something I am incredibly grateful for.

Fortunately, Lindsey was on standby and I got my secret wish that she would come anyway.  While I was willing to impose on her if Scott wasn’t well, I was hesitant to to ask her to come for some reason if it “optional.”  Turns out we were both tip-toeing, as she didn’t want to impose herself on us if she wasn’t “needed.”  The truth is we both should have said what we meant.  From my standpoint, having her there was not optional and she was definitely needed, by both me and Scott.  She provided perspective (her second baby will be 2 in July), an honest mirror for me (“you’re looking crazy eyed”) and unconditional love.  There is a very short list of people I would invite into this scenario.  Having her as an active participant in the birth of our child is a whole new level of intimacy.  Scott says that if he had known how important it was to have her there, he would have asked her long ago to be there.  We both felt foolish for not figuring out sooner, but grateful for serendipity all the same.

Shirley, the nurse who took care of us all day, bonded with me (dog lover and rescue advocate) and Scott (cycling) right off the bat.  She also had my back with anesthesia and anything else I needed.

And my doctor Christie, well, her humor and practicality are the reasons she’s my doctor.  (Naturally, she’s also a dog lover.)  She entertained us with stories and realism and even made fun of me in the throes of delivery when I was making bets about how long it would take.  To say I have affection for this woman is an understatement.

Back at home, Sophie Jane was in perfect hands with my mom – who also had to take care of our animals.  Knowing I didn’t have to worry about anything happening on the home front was incredibly comforting.  We even taught her how to text on her phone so we could stay connected.

And so enter Quinn.  The new love of our collective lives.  Her highly anticipated arrival took shape under the least stressful conditions.  Surrounded by love, support and humor.  I could not have asked for more.

And now, here I sit, soaking in our mighty Quinn.

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5 Responses to arrival of the mighty quinn

  1. stephanie mcauliffe says:

    thanks for sharing this amazing time

  2. Tita says:

    As for Quinn; she’s as beautiful and strong as her Mother.

    That is, very.

  3. Bobby says:

    What a fantastic story. Wish I was there myself! Thanks fornsharing. I learn a new perspective. And I loved reading your piece on my new ipad2.

    Love you guys.


  4. ScottD says:

    I can’t say enough about how great it was to have Tita (aka, Lindsey) there. In those weird long hours before the “push”, she graced us with stories and pictures of her two beautiful children bonding. As Tita said, “this is what happens every day…I have no idea why people say #2 is harder than #1, ’cause it’s just awesome”. Every effortless word was unplanned and unscripted gospel.

    Tita said exactly what we needed to hear, and then, like only the best of friends, grabbed a leg and high-fived me as soon as we realized this whole “push” thing was going to be 15 minutes tops. I’ve always loved Tita, but she will forever have a place in my heart for being there and being exactly what we needed…just herself, nothing more required to be a hero.

    And for Mom? There are no words that can express the adoration and awe that I feel for what you did, and what you made! Quinn is amazing. I know she is just a baby, but I already aspire for her to be a strong and beautiful woman like you and Tita. I will do my best to remind her who brought her into this world.

    And now, the secret of all fathers is revealed…I get to fall in love with you all over again. You are, quite simply, all that is good in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

    Love, SD

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