no alibi

Martha has been experimenting with a new behavior which I do not enjoy.

She has been nabbing food, primarily baked goods, off the kitchen counter. A whole loaf of banana bread?  Check.  A pan of brownies.  Yep.  Muffins.  Uh huh.

The other day, as Scott and Sophie went out the front door, I think Martha forgot I was home.  I could hear her walking around, sniffing, and then the crash of a plate falling to the floor.  I hollered from the other room (unable to get up quickly) and she froze.  Then slunk to her dog bed, refusing to give me eye contact while her accomplice (Ace) snarfed down the remnants of Sophie’s breakfast.

Maybe this is something everyone with big dogs deals with, but until recently, Martha was always an angel when left alone in the house.  It slightly pre-dates Ace’s arrival so we can’t  blame him, and Oliver can’t jump up that high so it’s unlikely that it was a feline taunting that helped her realize her own height.

under wrapsWhatever the cause, it’s annoying.  And we now keep our baked goods in the fridge or under glass…

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3 Responses to no alibi

  1. Erica says:

    She forgot you were in the house– bahahaha! And what the hell are you doing baking in your condition, Missy?

    • I know. Martha forgot herself for a second there. Ahem. But was appropriately contrite without scolding. Unlike Ace who kept scarfing until I pulled the plate out from under his face!

      As of late, the goods were not baked by me… You’d be proud of me, E. As hard as it is for me to sit on the sidelines, I’ve been letting Scott do all the heavy lifting (which includes ALL cooking). He’s doing GREAT and not one hint of negativity. Truly grateful…

  2. All of my dogs are, well you know like Ace, small pugs that can’t reach that high. YAY! I had a friend one time set out steaks to thaw for dinner that night only to come home and find that her lab had a feast while she was at work!

    Good Luck!

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