misery loves company

Ace and I have been convalescing together this weekend.

During a teeth cleaning on Friday, it was determined he needed a few pulled.  In the middle of the night, I could tell he needed to go outside and since he was still woozy from his general anesthesia and pain meds, I thought I would be a nice doggy mom and carry him down the stairs.  In the dark.  Without regard to my shifted center of gravity.

Big mistake.

I tripped, fell hard, (dropped him,) and had to go to the emergency room.  Grreeaaat.

Ace is fine.  In utero baby is fine (and after many hours of hospital monitoring looks like she’s staying there a while longer).  I’m fine, crutches and severely sprained ankle notwithstanding.

Ace is fully recovered from his oral drama.  I, however, have been ordered to begin my maternity leave immediately and stay off my ankle.  This is not easy for me.  I’m not a sitter-arounder.  And elevating your ankle when you have tight hamstrings and giant, moving belly is a J-O-B.

All complaining aside, I’m with the program.  I need to be off crutches and as mobile as possible before bambina makes her debut.  I’m trying not to ruminate about chores I’d like to get done or things I left on the desk at my client.

Throbbing from my ankle is a good reminder.  I just wish I could have some of Ace’s pain meds.

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2 Responses to misery loves company

  1. Peter Liu says:

    Ouch!! Christi!! I’m glad it wasn’t more serious!

  2. ScottD says:

    Ace drunk-drivered this one. He was so narc’d up, I don’t think he realized he just fell six feet onto a hardwood floor.

    The one bit of humor was you screaming “AAAH!! OH MY GOD! THE PAIN!!! SCOTT, MAKE SURE THE DOG PEES BEFORE HE GOES ON THE RUG!”.

    Never too much pain for a little OCD. 😉

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