nesting, or lack thereof

I had lunch with a friend who asked me, “have you decorated the nursery for the baby yet?”

Okay, most people who know me know that this is an absurd question (sorry, friend).

To use the word “nursery” to describe my former office is amusing at best.  Don’t get me wrong.  All work remnants have been removed, and a crib, rocking chair and dresser/changing table have been moved in.  But to suggest there is anything sugar and spice about it, at least so far, is just not accurate; we’ll save that for the baby that will sleep in it.  Hey it worked for Sophie and she’s doing okay (of course her room now has tangerine walls and hot pink curtains…).

Admittedly, I am in a little bit of denial about losing my office.  Is ~2 years “temporary”?  I say yes.

I did tell my friend that I bought new crib bedding and her face lit up.  Then I told her it’s gray and her expression fell (after she realized I wasn’t kidding).  Stay with me here: it’s slate, charcoal and white.  Soothing, yes?

It’s a daily battle against the Princess Industrial Complex with our 4-year-old (amazing we’ve been able to keep it relegated to books and a few small toys so far) and as a result I just can’t bring myself to purchase a bunch of feminine, light pink furnishings for this infant.

Okay, maybe I’ll buy a few fuchsia accents, like the ridiculous mattress pad I bought… that no one will be able to see, but that will give me joy every time every time I change a soiled crib sheet.

And I do reserve the right to change my mind and buy a first class ticket to Pinkville.  I am still hormonal, after all.

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8 Responses to nesting, or lack thereof

  1. Bobby Lee says:

    You know, you use to be the sweetest person during college days… Now you’re like a drill sergeant. Did you read Time magazine about “Tiger Moms” yet? If not, you really should. You could go deep on this issue.

    Miss you!

    • Haha! It’s true that I am a strict mom.

      That is primarily because I don’t want to live with a bratty kid who thinks she can whine or cry her way out of stuff. In our family we are big with owning your behavior and making amends if you screw up. (This goes for all of us, not just the kids.) Apologizing to the dog for pulling her tail is not unknown in our house. Kindness, love and respect are our beacons.

      Tiger Moms. That’s a pretty scary set of tactics for me (and I’m sure my parenting style would horrify them!). I’m more interested in having adventures and time to play than mastering a musical instrument. Maybe it’ll be our downfall, but so far our kid hasn’t become a delinquent. Discipline is one thing (and a thing I don’t shy away from), but parenting by fear and intimidation is not my style. Letting my kid rule the roost isn’t my style either. Finding that balance of fun, structure, silliness and respect is what I’m continually looking for. I’m not always successful – but then that’s a time to apologize. 🙂

  2. Erica says:

    I love it! Way to buck a trend. Pediatric Optometrists everywhere are applauding your color scheme choices!
    On a separate, yet related note, I feel shame for my complicity in furthering the Princess Industrial Complex juggernaut with my nieces. *hangs head in shame*

    • Thanks, Erica!

      And you have nothing to be ashamed of. It is what endears you to your nieces. Pink and “girly” things are not the enemy. Letting girls be lead to believe it’s the only path is what gives me anxiety!

      My issue is not with “princesses,” per se. It’s more the notion that I want my kid exposed other stuff, too. She knows all the Disney princess stories, but I also want her to know about caterpillars turning into butterflies, the rush of scoring a soccer goal and that princesses don’t have to get married (hooray for the Paper Bag Princess! Doing all that while wearing tulle and a tiara is just fine by me. 😉

  3. E Richard says:

    Not to worry. You have raised the most wonderful princess. She has such sparkle! I know you will do it again.
    Love ya’ll

  4. ScottD says:

    Christi had to go extreme to battle the fact that Daddy jumped on the princess train right away. I’m such a sucka!

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