new kid on the block

the CaptainWell, we have succumbed to the inevitable.  We have added to our furry brood.

Meet Ace.

Sweet, spunky, mellow.  He was a stray who was brought to a shelter with a severe eye injury.  Fortunately, the shelter contacted pug rescue who got him treatment (eye removal) and ready for adoption.

I knew we’d adopt another dog this year; it was just a matter of finding the right one.  Ace is certainly not the first dog I looked at.  I went to the shelter.  I went to and  I really didn’t think it would happen this quickly, but upon seeing his photo and meeting the little guy I just knew he was ours – same way we got Rocky (and through the same rescue, no less).

Ace has slid nicely into our family dynamic.  Tolerating a 4-year-old’s incessant calling of his name, largely ignoring our dog-like cat, playing with almost any toy presented to him and snuggling with us at any opportunity.  It’s like he’s been here forever.

Big thanks to Gena and Nicole at Pug PROS for helping with this adoption.  It’s a wonderful organization with volunteers who foster the dogs in their homes and a commitment to matching people with the right dog.  Ace is living proof of second chances and the kindness of strangers.

Plus, he’s a pirate.  What’s not to love?

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