no resolutions, just audicity

I am not one who makes New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t believe in tying behavior change to a particular date unless there is a truly compelling reason (i.e. frequent flyer miles about to expire).  Though this is naturally a time of year to reflect, for me, January 1st is not necessarily a date to make change.

Instead, I try to commit to change when I am inspired.  And about a year and a half ago I was introduced to a concept that helps me put inspiration into action.

My friend Kik (“keek”, not “kick”) and I were away on a rare girls’ weekend.  There is nothing like soaking in the company of someone you have known most of your life; sharing ideas, exploring new places, and not needing to explain yourself.

Kik shared with me the notion of having a journal where you could write down all of your audacious ideas, big and small, without regard to editing.  This may not be new to others, but to me it novel.  I always think of journals as writing down every emotion or daily drama, not having one solely for the purpose of things that Matter.  This gave me pause.  Still does.

When I got home from that trip, I got myself an Audacity Journal.  I don’t write in it all the time.  And all the ideas in it aren’t big.  But it serves as a place for me to be accountable to myself for the things I want in my life.  To be BOLD.

It usually starts as a simple topic, usually one that feels scary or outside my comfort zone, and gives me space to tease it out… and frequently to acknowledge my trepidation.  So far, everything I have put in there I have followed up on.  That isn’t a prerequisite, and I can’t promise it will always be the case, but for now, wow, what a catalyst it’s been…

So if anyone asks me if I have any resolutions for 2011, the answer is no.  But I know that I will continue to use my Audacity Journal to percolate new ideas, pursue new interests or change ways of thinking.  It just doesn’t (necessarily) need to be tied to a date.

Thanks, Kik.  I guess I can’t hide from myself anymore…

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One Response to no resolutions, just audicity

  1. Margie says:

    This is wonderful! I love the idea and the execution sounds great. I’m going to do this. I must be honest though – there won’t be little butterflies on mine! More like chocolate bars, as I find them more inspirational.

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