crime scene

Reminder to self: ensure all toys are put away before leaving Martha alone in the house.

If only I’d had time for a chalk outline and proper (non-camera phone) photo before Sophie came into the house and I had to hide the grisly act in the garbage…

(Side note: Though an unintentional homicide, I was not sad at the demise Barbie met.  Not a fan of this doll – which, for the record, she received from one of her friends at her 4th birthday party and LOVED.)

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6 Responses to crime scene

  1. Erica says:

    Sigh. The life of a Barbie always seems to end in dismemberment, but I’m not totally convinced it was Martha. That doggie bone next to the victim almost looks like it could have been planted by Mark Fuhrman himself… what’s YOUR alibi? 😉

  2. haha! Ahem. I don’t know what you’re talking about…

  3. Margie says:

    What I appreciate the most is both the total and complete dismemberment right down to her toes and hands, and the light shade of pink surrounding the crime scene as though Barbie actually bled.

  4. ScottD says:

    Erica, I thought the same thing when I heard the news (which conveniently happened when I was out of town…no witnesses!). I checked Christi’s teeth for little shreds of plastic, but no smoking gun. 😉

    Perhaps Aunt Erica knows the perfect gift for a Barbie-less 4 yr old girl? It will be one less Scrabble game you’ll have to worry about all year long!

  5. Lisa Clark says:

    “Barbie in the hands of a tomboy”…Since my childhood Barbie collection was entirely female, I took on the role of surgeon to (ahem) fix that. Poor Barbie went under a serrated kitchen knife and ended up “Bob.” Lucky Bob got put in a model airplane and shot down with a BB gun. Was I ahead of my time allowing transgender Barbie into the military???

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