spreading the news

My book, featuring our dearly departed Rocky, was just released in the Apple iBookstore, I am pleased to say.

For those unaware, Lucky Me is about animal companionship and safety.  The focus is building compassion, being safe around animals, and helping kids understand that having a pet is a huge responsibility.  (This is something I am trying to impress on my own kid as she (ALREADY) is hitting me up for a new dog.)

Rocky is no longer here to visit classrooms of children to promote these concepts, but it doesn’t mean his legacy can’t continue.

Please help spread the word.  Every book sold gives money back to shelter animals.

You can find it at Summerland Publishing, Amazon, Borders, Barnesandnoble.com and (new!) at iBookstore.

Yes, this is a shameless plug.  But it’s also a sincere request.

Hey, the holidays are rapidly arriving and who doesn’t need a gift idea?

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One Response to spreading the news

  1. Erica says:

    I already did a shameless plug for myself this week, but next week I’m plugging this!

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