shelter me

Today I took my daughter to our local animal shelter for the first time.  For me, this was a big milestone.  A time to talk with her a little about the plight of some animals, and the wonderful things that shelters do for them.  And to fantasize a little about adding to our menagerie.

Sophie handled it like a pro.  She was inspired, not depressed.  I always steel myself when I go (not uncommon since I volunteer through there), but seeing the place through her eyes brought me peace.

The fact that we came home without a furry passenger is a miracle.  Not that Sophie didn’t ask.  Big points for mommy for not caving.

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2 Responses to shelter me

  1. Scott says:

    HUGE points for Mommy not caving a week before her birthday, where excuses are plentiful. Don’t forget about the not-so-furry passenger expected in March. 😉

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