Rocky’s little helper

If you’d told me several years ago that my dog would be on prozac, I would have asked you to put down your crack pipe.

Well, turns out I was mistaken.  And despite feeling like a yuppy a-hole talking about it, I will not apologize for putting my sweet doggie on a daily dose of pharmacological stress reduction.

A few years ago Rocky developed anxiety that was resulting in nervous barking and, more importantly, peeing in the house.  No can do, Rocket J.  After having him checked at the vet and hearing there was nothing physically wrong with him, our vet gently broached the subject of anxiety.  I laughed at first, thinking he was kidding.  What on earth could my dog have to feel anxious about, for God’s sake?

Well, he wasn’t kidding and eased me into the idea of introducing pharmacology into the mix.  We tried a couple of different drugs until landing on fluoxetine (prozac).  Lo and behold, Rocky stopping peeing in the house (amen!) and the edge was taken off his, well, edginess.  He’s still his same spunky self, just not bolting upright at every noise and barking at ghosts (okay, not as much).

It’s been 5 years and I would just like to say that I am super grateful and will happily eat crow over my previous nose-upturn at veterinary prescription drugs.  Any time we try to back him off his meds, the old routines start up again.  So as long as he is (we are) getting benefit, Rocky will be a proud card-carrying member of Prozac Nation.  Judge me if you must, but I will happily shout from the rooftops (or at least this blog) about Rocky’s “little helper” that comes in a prescription bottle.

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