tooth fairy, redux

So I took Sophie Jane to get her tooth pulled on Thursday.  To say my anxiety level was high is an understatement.  I prepped for whining, tears and a dinner bribe of chocolate milk and ice cream.  Fortunately I kept it all to myself and Sophie, yet again, proved herself brave and mature beyond her years, even helping Dr. Joe wiggle the tooth into oblivion before helping to yank the sucker.

Upon visiting the treasure chest in the dental office post extraction, she picked out 3 (sugarfree) lollipops and a squishy dinosaur.  2 of the lollipops were somehow opened and devoured in the car.  A dinner of pasta and leftover birthday cake followed, and there hasn’t been one mention of pain or emotional distress over the gaping hole in the front of her mouth.

Brava, Sophie.

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1 Response to tooth fairy, redux

  1. Betty says:

    Did the doc give you the Valium instead?

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