rite of passage

My daughter is turning 4 this week.  Besides being in denial that my baby is so big, I am also facing reality that a more formal celebration of her birth than we’ve done in the past is in my very near future.

I gave Sophie Jane the choice: a trip to Disneyland OR a birthday party.  Guess what she chose?

The birthday party.  Naturally, my anxiety set in.

Why was a 4-year-old’s birthday party putting me into a state of paralysis?  I think partially because, in my head, the bar is really high.  My mom created awesome parties for us as kids.  Favorite among them for me was a teddy bear party, where everyone brought their own bear and she made up games that involved the bears.  My dad even spray painted bear prints on the driveway with a stencil he made and put up “bear crossing” signs in the front yard.  How do you compete with that?

Contrast this to Sophie’s 3rd birthday, which involved our usual Labor Day BBQ with friends that happened to include a birthday cake for Sophie on our “you are special today” plate.   Clearly I need to step up my game.

So I’m taking a step…  And find myself very grateful for places that will host your party (i.e. set up, activities, and most importantly, CLEAN up).  I’m not proud to outsource, but I’m also not apologizing.

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