technicolor skidmark

In her menagerie of pets and kids, my dear friend Kristin has a Very Large Dog named Mercy.  She is one beautiful beastie, let me tell you.

Until she gets hungry/bored and starts roaming the house.

Pan of brownies, including the baked on part you have to chisel even after soaking the pan?  Done.  This dog will mow through anything.

Which leads me to the box of 64-color crayons, INCLUDING THE SHARPENER, that said dog devoured.

What’s particularly funny (to me at least) about this is that when Mercy pooped on their driveway, it was a waxy rainbow.  By the way, they live in Texas and the Heat melted it on the driveway.  It was there a looooong time.

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One Response to technicolor skidmark

  1. Reest says:

    I am here to verify this entry as the Honest to God truth.

    I swear.


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