premature tooth fairy

I have a thing about teeth.  They don’t have to be straight, they don’t have to be pretty, but the thought of them decaying or discoloring is enough to give me nightmares (I’m not kidding).

Last year, Sophie was goofing around with her cousins and chipped her front tooth.  I flinched because it looked painful, but the truth is she barely even cried (and I didn’t notice for a good 30 minutes that there was even anything amiss.  Oops.).  We ultimately had to cap it because she was being a drama queen about brushing it – drama that vanished the moment the cap went on, interestingly.

But recently it has become problematic again, having abscessed, and it looks like it will need to be pulled.  You can imagine the heebie-jeebies this gives me.

Let’s also ponder for a moment that Sophie Jane is not quite 4 years old and will be snaggle-toothed for a good couple of years.  YEARS.  This is therapy for me, right?

The upside, though, is that Sophie is not at all worried about it.  Fortunately, she has no anxiety about going to the dentist and wants to have her tooth pulled on her birthday (um, no).

So we’ll try to make it to her birthday(ish), and buy a special tooth fairy pillow.  Meanwhile, I will do a lot of deep breaths.

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3 Responses to premature tooth fairy

  1. Bobby says:

    Ha ha!!! Love this one. So she doesn’t mind the dentist huh? Amazing!! Keep writing.

  2. Erica says:

    Hahaha, she’s still on the whole birthday kick– I love it! 😀

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