the undertoad

Every time we pull out our suitcases, our pets start circling.  They appear anxious and do not let us out of their sight, sometimes jumping into our suitcases so as to say “take me with you” or “this suitcase is staying riiiiight here, lady,” and, inevitably, leaving a nice pet hair offering.

If you’ve read the book The World According to Garp then you know about “the undertoad,” something Garp and Helen refer to whenever there is general malaise.  We have adopted this term and feel it aptly describes how our animals react when they get the sense we might be packing, not to mention potentially, GASP!, leaving town without them.

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2 Responses to the undertoad

  1. Ed says:

    How true! On several occasions our Boston Terrier has exhibited this same behavior, and she’s excellent at making me feel guiltridden when it’s time to leave for the airport. She got to ride in the car to both Dallas and Minnesota once, though. The picture is adorable, too.

  2. MORPH says:

    I am not the sort to bother writing comments on peoples’ weblogs normally nevertheless right after stumbling across yours I decided I might write a little note to give me a short break from work. I’ve certainly spent a little bit of time here reading and procrastinating! Good stuff here and I will be back in the future to see more. Enjoy the week!

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