mission improbable

So I walk into my kitchen the other morning and find the following scene:  the pantry is open, a big wooden stool from Sophie’s room is in it and there is a hula hoop on the floor.  This could mean many things, so I try not to jump to conclusions.

And naturally I grab my camera.

Upon questioning our resident preschooler, she informs me that she was trying to get her Easter basket off the top shelf (yes, it’s been incarcerated there since April, with occasional visitation on the kitchen counter for good behavior on Sophie’s part).  I give her a blank look and she proceeds to tell me, with shoulders shrugged, that she stood on the stool, and tried to reach the basket with the hula hoop as if it were a grappling hook, “just to see how many candies were left.”

Yeah.  Right.

Now, I have to give her some credit.  1) She didn’t lie about her motives.  2) Though the plan was flawed, it was creative.  And 3) I am similarly motivated by sugar.

It was almost enough for me to give her the basket.  Except that it was 7:08am, and while a months-old Easter candy breakfast could seem a wee bit sensible to me in a weak moment pre-coffee, I fortunately came to my senses.

I also need to devise a plan to get rid of the Easter basket…

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5 Responses to mission improbable

  1. Gramma D says:

    I am impressed! Both by the ingenuity of my favorite granddaughter, and by the even temper and wisdom of her mother! lol

  2. Stephanie says:

    We also had a stash of leftover Easter candy hid up in the pantry, including a big chocolate bunny. It has slowly disappeared (into the trash) and now he has forgotten about it, I hope. Points to Sophie for creativity and effort!

  3. ekdrue says:

    You are hilarious! 🙂

  4. Keep me on you list! I love the regular interjection of chaos, fun and frivolity!

  5. Lisa Clark says:

    Really…is this soooo different from Scott leaving the chocolate bunny on the counter for weeks??? Did we not decide that he forfeited his right to eat that bunny? Would WE have used a hoolah hoop if he had left the bunny on the fridge??? Dare I say that Soph’s problem solving skills were acquired honestly???

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