rescue mission

wildlife rescue in AustinA comedy of errors ensued on a recent trip I took to Austin to visit my dear friend, Kik.  As we were getting ready to leave the house for a day of fun, she noticed a wild bird on her porch, seemingly (we deduced by its flopping around) unable to fly and likely traumatized by barking dogs eager to show what they had found.

Without words spoken, we launched in to action like some Animal Planet rescue show, locating the nearest wildlife center and (with lots of nervous laughter) trapping this poor, injured avian into a shoe box for transport.

The fact that we could have viewed this as an inconvenience, or even as something not worth bothering about, did not cross either of our minds.  An animal in need is enough for us both to hear a proverbial record scratch.  How sweet it is to be in the company of a bird of a feather.  So to speak.

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