socially awkward

Martha is socially awkward.

She is the first dog I’ve had that has this issue.  Anytime you look in her direction or say her name (or Rocky’s name for that matter), she starts mouth breathing loudly and comes over to you, tail wagging so hard it whaps against walls and furniture and moves her whole body.  Martha has no body consciousness at all so she moves into any small space you are occupying, usually stepping on your feet, leaning against you and bringing up the humidity with her breath.

martha wags

No amount of undivided attention changes this behavior.  As a result she frequently has to be sent out of the room.  The good news is she is resilient and happy, never seeming to take it personally.  She truly is a sweet dog, despite her lack of social grace.

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2 Responses to socially awkward

  1. ekdrue says:

    Hahaha! Sounds like Marth Vader could benefit from Sensory Integration Therapy! They spend a lot of time working on body/spatial awareness. 🙂

  2. Margie says:

    Ironically, and oddly, you could substitute the word, “Martha” with the word “Calvin” in the above posting and have a very accurate picture of life with my six year old son!

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