properly advised

On the drive to school yesterday morning, I heard a honk while waiting at a red light.

The mom in the car next to us was notifying me that Sophie’s toy was outside the window and at risk of being sacrificed to the commute gods… something this mom had just experienced minutes earlier when her son dropped his Thomas the train out the window on Hwy 280 (read: no rescue mission).  She said the amount of crying and carrying on still looming from her backseat compelled her to alert me.

car window

This is something that had been a conversation between Sophie and me in the past, but for some reason having her hear it from a complete stranger made her snap to attention.  My gratitude extends to this mom with the shrieking child who easily could have just looked over at us and shaken her head.  Pay it forward…

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2 Responses to properly advised

  1. ekdrue says:

    Is this that must-have giraffe that costs $22 and is named “Sophie”?

  2. Nope. It’s wood and goes with a bunch of other safari animals.

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