lost and found

On a recent trip, a box of Sophie’s crayons got left in the car.  I found them a few days later wedged out of reach between the seat and the center console.  Greeeaaaat.

I am certain it was amusing for others see me contort my body around and under the seat, moving it back and forth, as I muttered to myself while further lodging said crayons deeper into the abyss (likely along with gum wrappers, crumbs and my mailbox key).  Sigh.

After emerging what I thought was victoriously from this surgical extraction, I realized that 3 crayons from this previously full pack (yes, I am sure) were nowhere to be found.  They will no doubt surface in the middle of summer as they melt from their hideaways into view from my black oven of a car.


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2 Responses to lost and found

  1. ekdrue says:

    Count on it. Carson (it’s always Carson, isn’t it?) once chucked his chocolate soymilk into that same crevass, and I never could get my hand in there far enough to clean it properly. A few days later, and from then on, people would get in my car, sniff, and say, “What IS that???”. Good thing it was a lease. 😉

  2. Very great read! Honest.

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