3-legged race

A couple of years ago, Oliver had a horrible accident involving our piano (don’t ask), and has since been a tripod.  He remains his same sweet self, just minus one limb.

Still, he can easily outrun anyone on two legs.  EASILY.  As evidenced by when he sneaks out of the house and races across our yard as a streak of orange, only to roll in the dirt right in front of you, and sprint away when you try to grab him.  Sigh…

When caught (and by caught I mean he comes to the back door and meows till you let him in), I “reward” him with a bath, which he barely tolerates.  It’s amazing how much debris a 9-pound cat can accumulate and distribute through one’s house if left to his own devices.  Aren’t cats supposed to be self-cleaning?

wishful thinking

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2 Responses to 3-legged race

  1. ekdrue says:

    Wow, I always assumed it was one of his front legs that he’d lost, but I can see otherwise in this photo!

  2. Betty Lee says:

    I’m sure shaving all his fur will trim the need for a bath 🙂

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